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Congratulations! A customer has found your site. After hopefully obtaining a conversion through your online form or email newsletter signup, what other methods are you utilizing to stay on their radar amid all the online competition for their time and money? Or what if you didn’t obtain a conversion and want a second chance? How do you remain an item on their to-do list? Especially if the customer is engaged in a long-term search, perhaps monitoring car prices and availability in their area. Or filling every spare moment at work browsing real estate listings, forgetting to bookmark your page for later. Site retargeting is a method used by the online marketers at Local PagePop to bring recurring traffic back to your website pages or landing pages. It enables us to serve ads to anyone who previously visited your site, wherever they may be on the web.

  • Most people browsing online don’t convert the first time they see your site
  • Retargeting helps you turn visitors into future customers
  • You’re targeting people who have already shown an interest in your offerings
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