How do you reach potential buyers who are searching for your products and services on search engines, but didn’t visit your website? Keyword or Search Retargeting will help your reach more searchers and in turn, increase your ROI. We combine the effectiveness of search engine marketing with the reach of display. Target potential clients with display ads based on the searches your potential clients perform across the web.

  • Keyword targeting with display ads after relevant search queries
  • Target potential buyers who are looking for your products or services, but haven’t visited your site
  • Targeted with relevant and recent search queries based on your products and services
  • Transparent reporting

How it works:

A user performs a search, and Local PagePop collects data associated with that search. Ads are then delivered to the user based on search data. Search retargeting finds the user audience with a display ad based on previous keyword searches they have conducted on search engines. This combines the effectiveness of search with the reach and brand impact of display advertising.

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