Demographic Targeting

This form of display advertising (or Display Targeting) allows your business to laser in on your audience by reaching specific demographic groups. Utilize the lifestyle of consumers to reach your core audience. Find the group-within-a-group you’ve been trying to locate from the beginning, and exclude the slices of population that are the wrong age, gender or financial situation for your ads.

Examples of Demographic Targeting in Display Advertising Include:

  • Martital Status
  • Race
  • Age
  • Income
  • Homeowners
  • With/without Children in Home
  • And More

Benefits of Demographic Display Targeting:

  • Allows your business to target a specific set of customers who are more likely to be qualified for your products and services
  • Narrows your targeting with less “wasted” impressions

If you know your audience well, and how to cater to their specific needs, there’s no longer any need to waste time and energy marketing to one large haystack in an attempt to find your needle. No more dragging a tiny net through an ever-expanding ocean hoping to snag your chosen species of fish.

Now you can test your performance and ad effectiveness as you serve customers living squarely in your demo. The ones with needs most suited to your products and/or services. Are you selling products that benefit single moms living above a particular household income? Or marketing services best utilized by couples on a budget, like short-term travel, lodging, or vacation activities? Or you might be looking to attract men nearing retirement age for investment opportunities.

Demographic targeting opens up a significantly greater number of opportunities for specialty industries and businesses looking to maintain segmented campaigns over a chosen period of time. This works especially well for social services, the health sector, educational institutions, and anyone trying to establish a base in a new niche demographic. Even if you don’t know all of your market’s specific demos, this advertising method with help you find out what they are faster than any other.

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