Contextual Targeting Display Advertising

What if you could connect with users as they read web content that’s directly related to what you’re selling? You can do exactly that with the power of contextual targeting display advertising.

Local PagePop uses contextual search retargeting as an efficient, intelligent and transparent method of raising conversion rates for your business. The data is being served up on a silver platter by the user themselves, so why waste it? Use the categories and keywords of the current page that a potential customer is viewing to serve them ads they will recognize as immediately relevant to them.

Find engaged customers who are interested and actively searching for what you sell

You can pick the keywords to create your own contextual category that dictates what websites your ad will appear on. Or choose from an existing category that includes the kind of sites your targeted customer would frequently go to. A combination of both of these methods, however, is like a peanut butter/chocolate combination for digital marketing. This approach gets you the pages that contain your selected keywords and fall into the appropriate categories that attract your customers. If you have a store that sells goods to outdoorsmen, why target just sports websites when you can focus on hunting and fishing instead by specifying keywords like reels, traps, decoys, lures, etc.

Another benefit of contextual retargeting over other methods is the ability to get your ad in front of people who navigate directly to websites they already know and trust, avoiding the added step of using a search engine. Consumers who navigate directly tend to supply more conversions, since they are already in the middle of a purchase decision at the time your ad is served to them.

Use our contextual targeting service for increased conversions and sales from customers already prepared to buy

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