Foot Traffic Attribution

Foot Traffic Attribution connects ad exposure to real world behavior to quantify the impact of digital and out‐of‐home advertising on in‐store visits. This used to be a very tricky thing to measure, until recently. But now you have the ability to see the impact of marketed ads on your customer visitation patterns. This is fast proving to be one of the most innovative new tools for marketers measuring this metric. Using direct measurement, Foot Traffic Attribution replaces imperfect methodologies that utilize surveys and ad‐ based matching solutions. Offline attribution is no longer an art; with Foot Traffic, it’s a science.

Target audience visits to store location

Choose audience exposure to mobile campaigns

Lift in-store visits

The benefits are tremendous!

Measurement based on our 1T+ data points from 45MM+ active users, with 200B new data points & millions of new devices added monthly.
Proprietary technology platform that delivers the industry’s highest level of accuracy & precision in physical world data.
Measurement of incremental lift in store visits using matched control & exposed audience groups for the most accurate ROI attribution.
Comprehensive data from multiple platforms provides effective measurement across mobile, online & offline channels.



Target audience 1:1 based on proprietary data intelligence


Monitor store visits from your exposed audience


I.D. organic visits vs. campaign‐ driven visits, accounting for seasonality & outliers


Measure visits, cost per visit, and incremental lift in store visits to understand offline conversion directly attributed to your campaign

The giant gap between online and offline has finally and definitively been crossed. The digital world and the physical world are now linked, and the data is there for you to measure. Evaluate the effectiveness of your ads to drive customers to your locations and learn how to serve ads that produce the most traffic at the right time.

Foot Traffic Attribution

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