Political Campaigns

IP Targeting is the secret weapon for your political campaign.

2016 political advertising forecast on track to hit a record high of $11.4 billion. Local contests (state and below) will take up almost 50% of political ad spending.

IP Targeting can help your political campaign because it can:

Target Real People

Using public registered voter information and their physical mailing address, we can find their Internet Service Provider (ISP) and obtain their IP address. An IP address is used to send targeted one-on-one display messaging to the potential voter(s).

Relevant Messaging

Serve targeted digital display/video ads with tailored messaging to key political offices or households segmented by party affiliation. Find the right voters at the IP/Router level 30-45 days prior to election with a 50x-90x frequency.

Views = Results

Digital political campaign results are measured by votes, not site visits, phone calls, conversions, or form fills. The high visibility rate of the ads drastically increases the likelihood of viewers retaining your message when hitting the voting box.

Political Campaigns

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