GeoFencing Case Study - Tourism, Hotel and Casino

The Objective:

Drive awareness and visits for prospective guests interested in entertainment destination lodging understanding that:
• Consumers have a myriad of choices available to them
• Price, location, and quality are key drivers for repeat visits but meeting guests’ needs drives
loyalty [Gallup 2014 Hospitality Industry Study]
• Consumers want richer brand experiences delivered to their mobile devices [The Daily Rake:
Mobile Technologies Trends for Casino Marketing, 12/31/15]

The Solution:

Local PagePop has two proven mobile location advertising services that can deliver targeted ads to sway likely guests. Our location-based services outperform non-location based ads in driving click through rates (CTR) and enrollment.

Deliver ads using geo-fencing to nd potential buyers in your catchment area. You determine how large you want to set the geo-fence to capture your desired shoppers. Only consumers within the de ned areas will be served the ads.

Deliver ads to buyers who have visited your properties or your competitors’ properties in the past. It’s real-world retargeting based on actual behavior.

Ways to Implement GeoFencing and GeoRetargeting:

There are many ways you can target potential guests. Here are just a few campaign thought starters for inspiration – our team is here to help you brain storm others:
• Target potential guest types within geo locations based on behavior – e.g., girls’ weekenders; leisure travelers; business travelers, etc. within defined area
• Re-target past guests to return with a “We miss you” message or “Since you last visited” message spotlighting improvements
• Use video in 10-, 15- and 30-second mobile spots to spotlight a special moment that recreates the magic of visiting your property
• Leverage contextual location data such as weather or time of year in your ads – e.g., snowy day to highlight activities/amenities that conjure warmth and fun vs cold snow survival activities
• Include interactive features in your ads – e.g., 360 tours of your property, latest instagram posts of your properties

The Case Studies:

Cruise Line

Campaign Length: 5 months
Market Size: Large – Portland, OR
Background: Local cruise line business that was looking to increase bookings for their themed short cruises.
Solution: Used LBA to target high traffic tourist areas including piers, restaurants and local attractions with mobile banner ads advertising their numerous themed cruises.

Impact: 100K impressions
1,428 clicks
1.42% CTR

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