GeoFencing Case Study - Personal Injury

The Objective:

Drive awareness, consideration, and clients for law firms specializing in personal injury law given that prospective clients:
• Rely on word of mouth referrals for professional services, including attorneys
• Are largely uninformed about how to select the right personal injury lawyer
• Unprepared at the time of crisis to select the right representation

The Solution:

Local PagePop has two proven mobile location advertising services that can deliver targeted ads to educate and influence prospective clients and referrers. Our location-based services outperform non-location based ads in driving click through rates (CTR) and enrollment.

Deliver ads using geo-fencing to raise awareness and educate prospective clients and/or referrers in your catchment area. You determine how large you want to set the geo- fence to capture your desired audience. Only consumers within the defined areas will be served the ads.

Deliver ads to prospective clients and/or referrers who have visited you’re your o ces in the past or a hospital emergency room. It’s real-world retargeting based on actual behavior.

Ways to Implement GeoFencing and GeoRetargeting:

There are many ways you can target potential clients. Here are just a few campaign thought starters for inspiration – our team is here to help you brain storm others:
• Raise awareness of your rm’s specialization by geo-targeting specific locations where injuries might occur – e.g., accident prone intersections, amateur sporting venues (little league, soccer, etc)
• Re-target visitors to emergency rooms, hospitals to drive calls or website visits with personal injury
educational messages – e.g., Top 10 Things You Should Know After You’ve Experienced a Personal
• Use video in 10-, 15- and 30-second mobile spots to spotlight an educational moment about
protecting and advocating for your injured loved ones
• Include interactive features in your ads – e.g., does your injury entitle you to nancial assistance
Of course all of these strategies should be executed with thoughtful creatives that understand the stress that prospective clients and/or referrers may experience during this stressful time.

The Case Studies:

Local Law Office

Campaign Length: 5 weeks
Market Size: Metropolitan Area
(San Fransisco Bay)
Background: A local attorney was looking to gain more clients in his San Francisco based personal injury law firm.
Solution: Used LBA to target people at hospitals and medical centers in the San Francisco Bay area. Retargeting was used to continue to reach these individuals after they left the hospital.

Impact: 162K impressions (first 4 weeks)
395 clicks
0.20% CTR

Injury Attorney Offices

Campaign Length: 4 months
Market Size: Small – Harlingen
Background: Law Office of injury attorneys wanted to drive traffic to their website for leads on personal injury cases and to build awareness of their free initial consultation.
Solution: Over the span of 4 months they ran a LBA campaign targeting local hospitals and ER’s where recently injured users might be in the waiting room, getting treatment or in recovery.

Impact: 550,033 impressions
2,510 clicks
0.46% CTR


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