GeoFencing Case Study - Health Care

The Objective:

Drive awareness, consideration and foot traffic for health care services among health-seeking consumers given that:
• They rely on digital tools – both desktop and mobile – to research, vet and schedule health care providers
• There are different health care consumer segments – from price sensitive to fitness alternatives to online and onboard – these segments need and desire different health care solutions [Deloitte Review, Issue 16, 2015: Rising Consumerism: Winning the hearts and minds of health care consumers]
• Compare health care costs – often using apps their health insurance carrier has provided
• Are open to a wider treatment approaches than earlier generations

The Solution:

Local PagePop has two proven mobile location advertising services that can deliver targeted ads to health care seeking consumers. Our location-based services outperform non-location based ads in driving click through rates (CTR) and enrollment.

Deliver ads to consumers using geo-fencing to find likely purchasers in your catchment area. You determine how large you want to set the geo-fence to capture meaningful enrollments. Only consumers within the defined areas will be served the ads.

Deliver ads to consumers who have visited your location or have searched for health care services in the past. It’s real-world retargeting based on actual behavior.

Ways to Implement GeoFencing and GeoRetargeting:

There are many ways you can target consumers seeking health care services. Here are just a few campaign thought starters for inspiration – our team is here to help you brain storm others:
• Target specific health care consumer types within geo locations – e.g., moms with young children for pediatric services
• Retarget past visitors with gentle reminders to return or a special promotion for return visit – e.g., target past visitors with a “we miss you; come back and try our new spa serviced” or “we miss you; come back for a special ‘try us again’ special price”
• Use mobile video in 10-, 15- and 30-second spots to spotlight a special offer or service– e.g. a video of a new laser treatment
• Leverage contextual location data such as weather, time of year to showcase services – e.g., tease “rainy days are great for getting through your ‘to-do’ list – schedule your checkup today”


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