GeoFencing Case Study - Entertainment

The Objective:

Drive awareness and attendance among likely consumers of entertainment given that:
• Consumers have multiple entertainment options, particularly in major markets, so breaking through the clutter can be challenging
• Growing numbers, especially millennials, prefer to stay home and use on-demand services for their entertainment/cultural experiences

The Solution:

Local PagePop has two proven mobile location advertising services that can deliver targeted ads to sway. Our location-based services outperform non-location based ads in driving click through rates (CTR) and enrollment.

Deliver ads using geo-fencing to find potential ticket purchasers in your catchment area. You determine how large you want to set the geo- fence to capture your desired customer. Only consumers within the defined areas will be served the ads.

Deliver ads to ticket purchasers who have attended an event in your location or other cultural events in the past. It’s real-world retargeting based on actual behavior.

Ways to Implement GeoFencing and GeoRetargeting:

There are many ways you can target potential culture consumers. Here are just a few campaign thought starters for inspiration – our team is here to help you brain storm others:
• Target specific audience types using psychographics within geo locations –e.g., theatre lovers within a defined radius of a theatre
• Re-target past audience members to entice them to return with special offers – discount for sharing/bringing a friend
• Incorporate video in 10-, 15- and 30-second mobile spots showcasing a performer or performance
• Leverage contextual location data such as weather or time of year in your ads – e.g., “our blues show
will take your rainy day blues away”
• Include interactive features in your ads – e.g., “guess which star will be performing next week in our

The Case Studies:

Local Community Theatre Center

Campaign Length: 8 weeks
Market Size: City (Winnipeg, MB)
Background: The Theatre Company was hoping to boost ticket sales for their upcoming shows.
Solution: The Theatre Company used
LBA to target performing arts patrons at various venues in Winnipeg. Retargeting was used to continue to reach these individuals after they left the show.

Impact: 110,000 impressions
309 clicks
0.28% CTR

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