GeoFencing Case Study - Automotive

The Objective:

Drive awareness, consideration and foot traffic to dealers among prospective car buyers given that:

  • Six out of 10 car buyers enter shopping experience unsure of which brand to purchase [Automotive Shopper Path to Purchase, Millward Brown Digital and Polk, September 2015]
  • They use multiple sources to help learn about and narrow their choices
  • 83% go online first when researching car purchase
  • 64% use online review websites as part of their research
  • 58% use a mobile device to read reviews and compare cars and prices while they are at a
    dealership [Datamyx Automotive Guide 2014]
  • One in three shoppers have used a mobile device as part of their purchase decision – including using to locate local dealers [Automotive Shopper Path to Purchase, Millward Brown Digital and Polk, September 2015]

The Solution:

Local PagePop has two proven mobile location advertising services that deliver targeted ads at the very moment consumers’ purchase decisions are top of mind. Our location based services outperform non-location based ads in driving click through rates (CTR) and foot traffic.


Deliver ads to consumers searching for automotive sales using geo-fencing around a specific locations – like your dealerships. You determine how large you want to set the geofence to capture meaningful foot traffic. Only consumers within the defined areas will be served the ads.


Deliver ads to consumers that have frequented specific locations in the past. Real-world retargeting based on actual behavior.

Ways to Implement GeoFencing and GeoRetargeting:

There are many ways you can identify consumers who are in the market for a new car or soon will be. Here are just a few campaign thought starters for inspiration – our team is here to help you brain storm others:

  • Target specific buyer types within geo locations to find your desired buyer target
  • Retarget potential buyers who have viewed/clicked on your mobile ads and/or visited your dealership
  • Use mobile video in 10-, 15- and 30-second spots to drive brand awareness and excitement e.g., a video of a fun test drive embedded with a call to action to alert dealership that they are coming in for a test drive
  • Leverage contextual location data such as weather, time of year to showcase car features e.g., car handling in snowy conditions if forecast calls for a winter storm.
  • Spotlight star sales associates in ad units so customer has a “personal” connection when they contact your dealership
  • Include interactive and location information in ads e.g., include a “Can I afford it” calculator in mobile ad unit with location of dealership

The Case Studies:


Metro Toyota

Campaign Length: 3 months

Market Size: Medium – Las Vegas

Background: Metro Toyota wanted to build awareness of the Red Tag Specials promotion and drive traffic to their website where users could check out specific deals on new and used Toyotas.

Solution: They used an LBA campaign to target a two mile radius around their locations and 2 miles around their biggest competitor during summer months. Their creative enticed users to click on the banner in order to view specials.

1,010,000 impressions
4,457 clicks
0.44% CTR

Central Pennsylvania German Motors

Campaign Length: Monthly Ongoing

Market Size: City – Select Cities & Towns in PA

Background: Looking to promote monthly deals and specials in their Audi and Volkswagen dealership.

Solution: Used LBA to target car buyers shopping for similar vehicles at competing dealerships. Retargeting was used to continue to reach these individuals after they left the dealerships.

1.5 million impressions. (late 2014 to end of 2015)
6,806 clicks (425 averaged per month)
0.36% CTR


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