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Custom Geo Audience advertising is your solution that’s all about consistent activity. When your product or service benefits people routinely engaging in the same behavior on a regular basis. Instead of targeting an entire building or district, you target customers inside these areas who frequent live music venues and record stores, or order takeout food every week. Instead of searching for just the people who have visited your site before, you target sports enthusiasts, or affluent business travelers. If you’re trying to reach only high-end electronics consumers or price-obsessed bargain hunters at grocery stores, this is your way to get their attention.

All kinds of people are searching throughout their towns for all kinds of goods and services. Someone who frequents antique stores and searches for deals on second-hand jewelry could be seeing ads for your Etsy store. Maybe they’ve been visiting multiple pet stores in the same city looking for a hard-to-get brand of pet food that you can supply to them at a better price. Or maybe you want more career-driven academics to work for your company, or routine visitors of a specialized bookstore to join your political organization.

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Prior to purchasing a vehicle, 46% of respondents that are Internet users access automotive information using their smartphones.

Of all buyers, 23% used a smartphone to do research or shop while at a dealership.

The top five uses of a mobile device at a dealership are: comparing prices for vehicles at other dealerships (59%); finding prices for vehicles at the dealership where the consumer was (41%); comparing inventory at other dealerships (38%); check inventory at the dealership where the consumer was (36%); and research trade-in pricing (33%).

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